An epic holi bash! splashomania 2019 is here!

Imagine dancing in the rain, with colors flying at you…that could only come to life at one event, the Bay Area’s biggest rain-dance Holi extravaganza – Splashomania on April 13th in the heart of the Bay Area at Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. Only in North America, the unique concept of the artificial rain along with the eco-friendly colors makes Splashomania the Holi event that everyone wants to attend.

The signature concept of the splash mob is something you won’t want to miss! Throwing colors around and getting sprinkled with cool water in the warm sun is a once in a lifetime experience. Of course, if you want to just have fun with colors and no rain, there is a dry zone! Splashomania is a very exclusive event, allowing only 5,000 people attend, once a year.

Taking place in the heart of the Bay Area, Splashomania is on its 7th year of success. Every year, people from around the Bay Area come to have the best Holi experience in their lives, and they really do because they come back the next year as well!

Holi is the Indian festival of colors to honor Krishna, the god of compassion, warmth, and love. It celebrates life and spreads happiness. The festival brings friends, families, and even strangers from everywhere to have fun! Splashomania is a mixture of traditional Holi in India, with an American twist! You can experience Holi like never before!

The Aditya Patel company is the largest Bollywood Musical company in the United States. The company puts on annual Broadway Style musicals that mix Bollywood dancing and acting into one huge show that exceeds all expectations.

It portrays Bollywood and beyond! At Splashomania, APC dancers lead the best impromptu Holi Splashmob you have ever participated in! Dancing to the latest Bollywood hits, you won’t want to leave!

This family friendly event will take place on April 13, 2019 There is free parking at venue! Your children will have the opportunity to play with colors and other kids in their own kid zone!

With over 5,000 pounds of free, unlimited colors and a wide variety of them too, your kids will never get bored! There will be some delicious Indian food to satisfy your famished stomach after having the time of your lives, provided by Chaat Bhavan.

And of course the latest chart-busting Bollywood hits will be spun by California’s phenomenon, DJ Salim.

Don’t miss out on this lively event, and buy your tickets now at